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Welcome to the ambassador of change blog. This blog is about raising awareness on issues pertaining to environmental effects (climate change) that we are currently facing worldwide. Reality is that, the world is facing the inevitable climate change effects, such as drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. These days you cannot miss the shortage of water one of the biggest problems close to home. If you have not experienced water

shedding, you have at least heard about it. To mention the obvious, water is the most vital unit of life. We cannot survive more than 3 days without water. Water shedding is the most devastating thing ever, as unlike electricity there is no replacement of water.

In the past few months in land areas such as Gauteng experienced massive floods, meanwhile the Western Cape was swept by veld fires followed by high tides. The list is endless there is disaster after disaster. One could say we are closely reaching what we call catastrophic disasters. The reality is that these are no longer environmental issues but it is also national security issue. This is why we need to stop going on as if it is ‘business as usual’.

Nonetheless, I write this blog to give a voice of reason, to encourage good practice and if necessary to expose the perpetrators. I intend to make the loudest noise to bring upon a fundamental swift of mind-set. To stir the conversations of change, to remove the stereotypical mind-set around the environmental science as commonly believed by others. The issue of climate change is real and urgent, it is not fragment of an imagination. Therefore, I make it my business to educate and challenge those that are willing to listen/read. Perhaps this could lend into the ears of the most influential and powerful (I certainly hope).

I believe, in the basic trichotomy:

  1. If you give people the information and data you empower the people, the more powerful the people’s voices can jointly become.
  2. The more influential they can be towards the politicians that could lead
  3. Change of legislation and harsh enforcement towards environmental degradation.
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