Ligit Security Solutions

It was in 2011 when Glen Matome Segwapa eagerly pressed Ligit Security Solutions cc (Ligit) start button, a 100% black owned and managed Security Solutions Company. Matome was mindful of the entrenched competitors within the security services sector exacerbated by the country’s subdued economic condition. The attitude was that Ligit is not entering the market to survive but to compete.

Robust technology formed the bedrock of our operations and enthused by the energy of the youth who spurned Ligit out of the relaxed start up mode into an agitated yet exciting environment full of energy and ideas. The adopted member intimacy service model is based on tailor made approach to meet the needs of our varied clients, be it individuals. We develop authentic service strategies for each client category, as is has been our view that one size fits all approach is outdated and not effective.

The dealings with our stakeholder are guided by the following principles:

  • Sincerity
  • Openness
  • Truthfulness

For Ligit to get the much needed traction, we firmly believe that we need to offer carefully selected security services that touch the hearts of our clients in a profound manner, making Ligit trusted at all times.

As a client, Ligit will give you a peace of mind entrenched in a rich heritage of experience and understanding of the markets.

The company continues to evolve with transacting in new and existing markets, with acquisitions adding to the portfolio of services.

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