• Lead By Dr. Sinathi Fisha

    A qualified Psychologist. Founded 3 hospitals bring thousands to back to life and happiness to all South Africans.

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  • For The Well Being Of All

    Fisha Investment Group was founded with a focus on well being.

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  • A Health Based Corporation

    All our divisions are all health conscious and focus on bring South Africans health and mental well being.

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A Health Based Corporation

The group was founded by Dr. Senathi Fisha almost 30 years ago. What began as a dream to care to others slowly became an empire aimed to cater for the healthcare industry. Fisha Group currently owns 2 hospitals specializing in mental well being, a new clinic has been opened in Limpopo as a branch to extend the Fisha’s care. Fishagroup also own a spa in Midrand and a international skin care brand is being developed called Senthi. Our strive for growth don’t stop here, we are also developing a software to aid the industry.

Our Mission

“Instill dignity to Mental Health  Care services.”

Our Business